The Chimney Sweeper

[pdf: CW38.The_Chimney_Sweeper]

Do not go into the light
They said
Do not give up
They said
They didn’t know what light is
Light is life
Light is freedom
Light is the smell of rotten corpses at dawn
Hollow eyes of bipedal animals
Screams curses calls shrieks quarrels
The sounds of so alive
So dead
It’s vanity they said
It’s rubbish they said
And they were right although they didn’t know what they were saying
They didn’t know about stuffiness four walls a voice resembling gaggling of a goose
Everlasting journey into the light
And soot

Magdalena Kowalska



[pdf: CW34.Untruth]

Shut it.
All lights. All traditional feelings.
Feelings can be.
    Each. Repeating. Damn. Time.
        THE SAME
Like anyone could plan it.
We are trying to live.
    We are
Trying to lie.

To lie our life before one another.
Things exist only in other people’s lives.

How are you?

You is a thing.
        One of many.

And what humanity will do with you?

    Will pack it in colorful paper designed with Santa Clauses
    And put in under the Christmas tree.

Forgetting to scrap off the price.
For somebody who will pass it further next year.

    Each. Repeating. Damn. Time.
        THE SAME
Shut it.

Author: Marta Kazanecka


[pdf: CW33.Observatory]

It’s completely different
when you go to church on a holiday.

Mrs Smith has got a new fur. Can they afford it,
a teachers’ couple. The Millers
have lost their children in the crowd (they’ve always been strange).
Sophie Roberts is pregnant
and there’s no trace of any father! But he might be waiting
in the long line to the confessional.
That grey-haired man confesses only
once a year, and that lady
twice a week.
A few people farther, there’s a short, young boy:
the one who left the detention office lately. Well, well.
Some years ago he would smoke weed and sell drugs.
many new faces can be seen
some are visitors and the rest
has just remembered that they believe.

I saw Mrs Smith in the parking lot,
she got into Mr Holgrove’s Bentley.
There she is!

It’s completely different
when you go to church on a holiday.

Author: Joanna Burkiewicz