Spotkanie 6 kwietnia

Spotkaliśmy się w nielicznym gronie i omówiliśmy nadesłane teksty. Rozmawialiśmy między innymi o snach, śmierci, popkulturze i zombie.

Następne spotkanie

Następne spotkanie odbędzie się 20 kwietnia o 16:45.
Miejsce: sala 40A przy ul. Ingardena 3.


Dumb way to die

Proponowane tematy

  • tekst o tematyce „Neither dead nor alive”
  • dokończenie opowiadania zaczynającego się od fragmentu zamieszczonego poniżej

This all happened in England a long time ago, when that George who spoke English with a heavy German accent and hated his sons was King. At that time there lived in London a lady who had nothing to do but give parties. Her name was Flora, Lady Neville, and she was a widow and very old. She lived in a great house not far from Buckingham Palace, and she had so many servants that she could not possibly remember all their names; indeed, there were some she had never even seen. She had more food than she could eat, more gowns than she could ever wear; she had wine in her cellars that no one would drink in her lifetime, and her private vaults were filled with great works of art that she did not know she owned. She spent the last years of her life giving parties and balls to which the greatest lords of England—and sometimes the King himself—came, and she was known as the wisest and wittiest woman in all London.

But in time her own parties began to bore her, and though she invited the most famous people in the land and hired the greatest jugglers and acrobats and dancers and magicians to entertain them, still she found her parties duller and duller. Listening to court gossip, which she had always loved, made her yawn. The most marvelous music, the most exciting feats of magic put her to sleep. Watching a beautiful young couple dance by her made her feel sad, and she hated to feel sad.

And so, one summer afternoon she called her closest friends around her and said to them, „More and more I find that my parties entertain everyone but me. The secret of my long life is that nothing has ever been dull for me. For all my life, I have been interested in everything I saw and been anxious to see more. But I cannot stand to be bored, and I will not go to parties at which I expect to be bored, especially if they are my own. Therefore, to my next ball I shall invite the one guest I am sure no one, not even myself, could possibly find boring. My friends, the guest of honor at my next party shall be […]!

(gościem może być postać fikcyjna lub historyczna, może to być człowiek, postać mitologiczna, abstrakcyjny rzeczownik itd.)



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